This post intends to briefly highlight the purpose and method of what I hope to be a fruitful journey through God’s Word. For many years, I have desired to make careful notes arranged around the chapters of the Bible. It is not my intention to write a commentary on the Bible. Many smarter and wiser men have done so throughout the ages. Instead, my goal is to give students of the Bible a brief outline of each chapter, highlighting the main points and central theme so that it can be remembered. For those who have taken licensure and ordination exams, these exercises were necessary and proven useful in our respectful callings in the gospel ministry. For those who are pursuing licensure and ordination, these notes may be helpful.

Therefore, each day and entry will do the following:

  • An entry from one chapter from the Old Testament (starting in Genesis) and one chapter from the New Testament (starting with Matthew).
  • Highlight the main points and theme of the chapter and offer a key verse(s) (if necessary).
  • A brief paragraph aiming at application for the Christian life. 

I hope these entries prove useful to you. 

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