Read: Matthew 1

The gospel of Matthew begins with a genealogy ending with the birth of Christ. Matthew’s genealogy is designed to show us the kingly line of Christ and is divided neatly into three 14-generation cycles.

This section highlights the birth of Christ. The critical aspect of the narrative is found in 1:18, where we read that his name “will be called Jesus for he will save his people from their sins.” At the very beginning of the earthly ministry of Christ, we have a clearly stated purpose for his advent: the salvation of sinners. The whole purpose and mission of the Savior is to give his life a ransom for sin.


  1. Matthew gives the kingly line of Christ prominence. We are called to adore him as King, which means he rules and reigns over us in this life. Like the reading in Gen. 1, we see the divine sovereign add to himself our humanity to be a King who will serve and save his people. The humiliation of the King of heaven who made all things is made like us to rescue us from our sins.

  2. The comfort of the truth of Scripture is highlighted for us in this first chapter. Matthew repeatedly quotes from the Old Testament, and here, in this chapter, we see him doing so to demonstrate that the birth of Christ was foretold of old. The Bible is no ordinary book. It accomplishes all that it says.


  1. Matthew 1:18-25 is the first of two accounts of the birth of Christ. The other is in Luke 2.

  2. The meaning of the name “Immanuel” is “God with us.”

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