Read: Matthew 9

Matthew 9 contains two main sections: The first highlights the mercy ministry of the Savior. In this section, he heals a person with paralysis, a woman who was ill for an extended period, restores to life a girl, and heals a blind man and a mute man. These events highlight the Savior’s love and compassion toward those affected by sin. These sections set up the final central section of the chapter when Jesus seeks to send out ministers to the harassed sheep. Jesus sees the people, and the text explicitly tells us he has compassion for them because they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. The people of his day suffered under the cruelty of the leaders. Those that should have been leading and guiding God’s people were using them to serve their selfish interests. In this chapter, Jesus reverses the sad indictment of the wicked and evil shepherds of Ezekiel 34. We should also note the importance of praying for faithful leaders in the church. The enemy is active and will strive to destroy pastors, elders, and deacons as they seek to minister to the sheep. Therefore, pray to the Lord for faithful men the Holy Spirit gifts to lead and guide God’s people.


  1. Whenever the struggles of this life come, remember the eternal compassion of Christ for his people. He not only ministers to the physical needs of the people, but he also ministers to their spiritual needs.
  2. Pray for faithful pastors, elders, and deacons. The task of the ministry is not easy, and Satan never rests in his efforts to destroy the church of the Lord Jesus. Therefore, pray that those men, called by the Spirit of God, would be faithful to the Good Shepherd of the Sheep.


  1. The details of the calling of Matthew as a disciple.
  2. The compassion of the Savior for the harassed and helpless.
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