Read: Matthew 8

Matthew Eight presents Jesus’ ministry through two main sections. The first section highlights the mercy ministry of Christ as he cleanses a leper, heals many, and casts out the demons. In these verses, we see the power of the Son of God over the forces of evil and sin. We also note the compassionate nature of Christ towards those impacted by the effects of the fall. The second section is instructive regarding following Christ.

Interestingly, that section is in the middle of the chapter, surrounded by his healing work. We must see following Christ as vital to our lives. We do not follow him merely because of what he can do and his power over sickness, death, demons, or the weather. We follow him because of who he is – the glorious Son of God.


  1. Jesus holds power over sickness and disease. He also has authority over the forces of evil and the weather. Therefore, we can trust him to guide and direct our lives.
  2. Jesus is a Savior of great compassion for people trapped by the effects of sin and evil. Meditate on this aspect of Christ as given to us in this chapter.


  1. The cost of discipleship (8:18-22)
  2. The power of the Savior over nature (8:28-34)
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