Read: Matthew 25

Matthew 25 deals with matters related to the final judgment. It does so in three ways, as highlighted in the three main sections of the chapter. First, Jesus gives an exhortation to watch because no one knows when the Son of man will return. That is an important reminder for all of us. We are to be busy living to the glory of God in the here and now as we look and wait for the return of the Savior.

The second section is a parable about using the gifts the Lord has given to his church. Connecting the idea of watching, Jesus now discusses the issue of doing. Each of us has been given gifts to be used in the church for the good of the people of God. We are to use them to the glory of God.

The third section deals with matters related to the final judgment. Here we have plain teaching regarding sheep and goats; the regenerate and the unregenerate. We also have explicit instructions on how the sheep will manifest their redemption in how they live their lives toward others.

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