Read: Matthew 2

The main focus of this second chapter is the wise men’s visit as they followed the star to where Christ was living. The thematic structure of this chapter parallels that of Exodus 2, when the King of Egypt sought to destroy the Christ-like child in the person of Moses.

This section highlights the cultural battle between those who would adore and worship the Lord Jesus and those who seek to destroy him. The wise men are moved to follow a star of unknown origin to the place where the Christ child lived. Their whole purpose in their journey was to worship the King who was born to save his people from their sins. On the other hand, Herod acted in nefarious ways, seeking to destroy the child and protect his reign as King. In these verses, we have the seed of the serpent seeking to destroy the seed of the woman (See Gen. 3:15), and we have that demonstrated by two opposing kings. The first is a king of human and earthly origin, and the other is the true King and Sovereign.

2:13- 23
This section highlights the protection of the Christ child through a dream given to Joseph. This warning fulfills Old Testament prophecy and highlights an essential theme of the Bible: That Jesus Christ is the true Son of God and a people would be delivered through him. The flight to Egypt parallels that of the flight of the patriarch Jacob who moved his family to Egypt during a great famine and where they would reside for 430 years. God remembered his promise and called his son (Israel) out of bondage in Egypt, delivering them from the evil schemes of the Pharaoh who sought to destroy the Christ-like figure Moses.

After this deliverance, the family of the Savior took up residence in Nazareth.


  1. There will always be an irreconcilable war between those who desire to follow and worship the Lord Jesus and those who refuse. The war has been raging since the Fall of Genesis 3. The battle is spiritual, and we wrestle against spiritual forces and principalities in the heavenly places.

  2. As the true Son is delivered, so will all those who hope and trust in him. As the people of old listened to the voice of God given through Moses, we listen to the greater Moses, the Lord Jesus, and are rescued from our sin and misery through his redeeming work.  


  1. The use of the OT prophecy in the narrative.

  2. The gifts offered to Jesus.

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