Read: Matthew 19

One of the more critical teachings for our day and culture resides in this chapter as Jesus determines to teach on the subject of divorce. Though God will reveal more on this subject through the pen of the apostle Paul, Jesus highlights a singular truth: God loves marriage. Divorce occurs only due to the hardness of a man’s heart. In this discourse, Jesus permits divorce on the grounds of sexual immorality. Though that phrase has brought many to examine the nature of sexual immorality, it is pretty clear that God does not permit divorce for any reason whatsoever. Marriage is sacred – a fact Jesus highlights when he refers to it by quoting from Gen. 2:24. Sadly, we live in a world that has devalued marriage by making divorce easy. The ending of a marriage is not something to celebrate but to mourn. Therefore, treasure your marriage (if you are married). Cultivate it! The efforts of the evil one in this area never tire. Marriage is important because it is God’s object lesson regarding Christ and his church.


Learn: The biblical reasons for divorce are: adultery and willful desertion. See WCF 24.6; 1 Cor. 7:15

Application: God permits divorce, but he doesn’t like it. He loves marriage because it is a picture of Christ and his Church.

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