Read: Matthew 18

Chapter 18 is well known for its discussion regarding church discipline (18:15-20). However, there are other important sections that surround it. First, Jesus teaches about true greatness (18:1-6). The lesson is counter-culture to what we witness in our world. In the kingdom of God, greatness comes through serving. Second, Jesus warns about temptation (18:7-9) and what lengths we must be willing to go if we are to avoid the eternal fire of hell. No one enjoys being tempted. Yet, too often, we run into it, ignoring our frailty and weaknesses. To mortify sin, we must be willing to deal with it radically and at whatever cost necessary. Third, Jesus teaches about the lost sheep (18:10-14) and the shepherd’s willingness to rescue it. Fourth, Jesus teaches on the unforgiving servant (18:21-35). The lesson in that parable is simple: if you are not willing to forgive others, the Father in heaven will not forgive you.

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