Read: Matthew 17

 Chapter 17 is Matthew’s account of the Transfiguration narrative. Though this event has been often misunderstood, it is a significant moment in the life of the Savior. The parallels between the Sinai narrative (beginning with Ex. 19) and the events that occur on this mountain are striking. Jesus meets with Elijah and Moses. They enter into a discussion that centers around the Savior’s “departure” (the Greek word used in Luke 9:31 is exodon, meaning “departure.). While on the mountain, a cloud forms, the three disciples are terrified, and a voice speaks. These items parallel Moses on Mt. Sinai as he receives instructions to redeem a people and bring them to worship the living and true God. That Jesus fulfills in his life, death, and resurrection. In this account, we have the “greater Moses” (See Deut. 18:15) discussing the salvation of his people.

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