Read: Matthew 11

Matthew eleven has two main sections, and they are nicely linked to one another.  The first section (11:1-24) sets forth the struggle of John the Baptist and his desire to be comforted.  The chapter opens with John in prison.  He is suffering for the sake of the gospel at the hand of Herod the King.  He sends his disciples to Jesus to inquire whether he is the Christ.  Jesus instructs the disciples to return to John and instruct him and comfort him with the answer.  Jesus then takes the opportunity to teach the crowds about the ministry of John and the significant role he played as the forerunner of the Messiah.  Sadly, many did not respond to the words of John, just as they did not respond to the words of Christ (11:20-24).

The final section (11:25-30) contains the only time that Jesus speaks directly about himself.  The connection between the previous narrative and the words of Christ in this section cannot be missed.  Whenever we are uncertain, whenever we face difficult times, whenever we begin to doubt, we must go to Christ, who will resolve our fears, give us hope and rest, and bring comfort to our weary souls.

Application: The Lord Jesus Christ is the only comfort you need. He invites sinners to find it in him. Therefore, when weary or restless, flees to Christ. He suffered in all ways that you do, yet without sin. He entrusted himself to the will of his Father for you. Therefore, you must do the same.

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