Read: Genesis 9

Genesis Nine is an important chapter in the narrative as it highlights in more detail the Noahic Covenant. As with all covenants, God certifies it with a sign. In this case, the sign is a rainbow that he places in the sky, signifying that God will never destroy the earth with a flood again. Sadly, the corrupt mind of man has taken this sign and perverted it toward a wicked meaning.

This chapter also highlights several other essential things. First, the issue of capital punishment is established (9:5-7). It is important to remember that this was not offered to deter murder as much as it was to highlight the value of human life as image-bearers of God. Second, Noah is permitted to eat as food from all living things. That differs from God’s original directions to Adam and Eve. Significant in that is the prohibition regarding blood. Third, Canaan, one of the sons of Noah, is cursed. That will have far-reaching implications as we move to the Exodus narrative. Finally, the chapter concludes with the death of Noah.


  1. Each time we see the rainbow, we should remember the promise made to Noah and give thanks to God. The rainbow is an everlasting sign of God’s faithfulness to his creatures.
  2. God considers the life of man very important because they bear his image. Therefore, any attack against another human being is ultimately against God. That is why murder is so heinous and requires the life of the one who commits that wicked act.

Learn The meaning of the covenant sign of the rainbow.

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