Read: Genesis 8

Genesis Eight completes the flood narrative. The promise of deliverance is demonstrated when Noah and his family are brought safely from the ark (8:15-19). There is a strong connection between this chapter and Creation Week. Given the numerous parallels, some scholars see the flood narrative as a recreation. For instance, God’s command to be fruitful and multiply given to Adam is also given to Noah. Chapter Eight contains the Noahic Covenant (8:20-22), promising never to strike down the earth again. That is a significant promise and points directly to the promise of the New Heaven and the New Earth.


  1. Whatever God promises to do, he will do. We see that in the life of Noah throughout the flood narrative. He promised to save Noah and his family, and he accomplished that promise.
  2. The recreating work of God through the judgment of the Flood demonstrates God’s hatred of sin. Though man is sinful, God promises to recreate the earth again in the New Heaven and the New Earth. It will be fashioned with no possibility of sin. The reversal of the fall of mankind has started.


  1. The issues surrounding the sending out of the raven and the dove.
  2. The covenant promise made with Noah (8:20-22)
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