Read: Genesis 4

Genesis Four describes the nature and consequence of sin and is placed here in the Genesis narrative to highlight that aspect in the lives of two of the children of Adam and Eve. Throughout Scripture, we are repeatedly told that the nature of sin and its wages are death. We are also told that all have sinned; each inherits a sinful nature from our parents. Due to the rebellion of our first parents, sin passes to each subsequent generation and will continue to do so until the Lord Jesus returns.

Sin will manifest itself in numerous ways throughout our lives. If we are not paying attention, we will become prey to the efforts of the Evil One. This chapter highlights what happens due to sin in the lives of God’s creatures. First, there is a hatred of God’s law. That is displayed in the life of Cain, who rejects the proper method of approaching God. We are not told how Cain knew it was wrong, but that information was likely passed on from his parents as they watched the example of it at the close of Gen. 3. Second, and as a result of the first, there is a hatred of one’s neighbor. In this case, Cain hated his brother due to jealousy. This anger is left unchecked, leading to the third issue: actual transgressions carried out. That is demonstrated through the actions of Cain in murdering his brother.

The chapter closes with Adam and Eve having another son and naming him Seth. Seth will be the godly line for the rest of the narrative. That godly line was originally Abel, and Seth is his replacement. The evil actions of men will not undo the promise of Gen. 3:15.


  1. It is essential to know and understand God’s moral law and seek to love it and obey it. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Christians who love God will love his law and commands and be obedient to them.
  2. The effects of sin, if left unchecked, will end in ruin. So, guard your hearts against the deception of sin and cut it off before it ruins you.
  3. Be encouraged by the fact that the promises of God will not be deterred by the wicked, sinful actions of men.


  1. The sequence of events that led to the murder of Abel.
  2. Learn the names of the three sons of Adam.
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