Read: Genesis 29

Genesis 29 is the narrative account of Jacob’s marriage to Leah and Rachel. The account is similar to the events found in chapter 24 when Abraham’s servant sought a wife for Isaac. There are some differences. However, the most notable is that Jacob is never recorded to have prayed for a wife. However, through God’s providence, Jacob is led to his two wives, although it is clear that Jacob had a greater love for Rachel than for Leah. Jacob, the deceiver, is deceived by his uncle and forced to marry Leah after serving him for seven years through an ironic twist. Subsequently, Jacob was forced to labor for Laban for another seven years for the wife he truly loved.

Jacob’s love for Rachel and hatred for Leah launched a series of contests between the women as to who would give birth to more children for their husband. That will result in the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel. Throughout this chapter, it is essential to note the hand of providence, although there are evil acts on people’s part. Throughout our lives, people will commit wicked things. Yet, though sinful in the eyes of God, those acts are designed for a purpose: to safeguard the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We experience evil actions and hurtful behavior from others. Those experiences are not pleasant to endure. We have all been there at one time or another. Yet, what is most essential is that we always keep the hand of providence before us. To lose sight of that will lead to despair. Remind yourself often that these things, difficult as they may be, are governed by God and are designed to conform you into the image of Christ.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Jacob’s lack of prayer regarding a wife may make you think he was not yet a believer. What are your thoughts?

  2. How is the treatment of Laban ironic in the life of Jacob?

  3. What is the doctrine of providence, and why is it so comforting for the Christian?

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