Genesis 24

Genesis 24 marks the beginning of the narrative section dealing with the lives of Isaac and Rebekah. This chapter gives the details as to how Rebekah became the wife of Isaac. It is one of the lengthier narrative sections in the book. The primary item to watch for as you read through this chapter is the providence of God working through the mundane details of life. God’s providence is a comforting doctrine for his people. It teaches us that God governs all things and all actions of his creatures. It is not reserved only for the significant issues of life, but it governs everything from the seemingly minor to the most important significant issues that affect all of us.

The narrative starts with a command of Abraham not to take a wife for his son from the land of Canaanites. That foreshadows a command God would later give to the people as they take the land through the conquests of Joshua. The people were not to intermarry with those people because of the evil influence they would have on them. Abraham’s servant does as he is told, depends on the LORD for guidance by erecting particulars that would lead him to the wife of Isaac. In the same way, God deals with us in the ordinary affairs of our lives, and we should pause now and then to reflect on how God has orchestrated all events to bring us to the place we are now.

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