Read: Genesis 16

Genesis 16 contains the narrative account of Abram’s failure with Hagar. In the previous chapter, we saw God’s covenant promise that Abram would have an heir of his line. That future son would carry the covenant promise of Gen. 12 forward, with his line being as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the sky. Despite Abram’s faith, he faltered and sought to bring to pass the promise through his efforts. That effort failed miserably, and the line that was produced as a result because a bitter enemy for the people of God in the future. A few lessons can be learned through Abram’s failure. First, faith is not always easy. Trusting God’s promises, as sure as they are to come to pass, is not always easy. We are fallen creatures, and we do silly things even though we know we must wait on God and trust him. Second, true faith learns to do things God’s way. God’s ways are always best though we sometimes get sidetracked and seek to accomplish his purposes our way. We must learn to do it his way.

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