Read: Genesis 10

Genesis Ten is known as the “Table of Nations,” highlighting Noah’s descendants, specifically Noah’s sons. The genealogy of this chapter sets the stage for chapter eleven and the thematic issue of the city of man versus the city of God that continues the seed of the serpent and seed of the woman theme that began in Gen. 3. The phrase “these are the generations” is a grammatical marker indicating the start of a new section in the narrative.


Japheth’s descendants are listed first and represent the coastland people. There is nothing more said about these people.


Ham’s descendants receive more attention than the other sons of Noah. His descendants represent a large portion of what will be the enemies of the people of God (E.g., Egyptians, Babylonians, etc.). The city of Babel is mentioned, and it will become the focus of the next chapter.


These verses list the descendants of Shem and from whom Abraham is descended. The Abrahamic narrative takes center stage in Gen. 12. Shem is significant since his name is constructed from the Hebrew root, which means “name.” Shem is in the line of the seed of the woman. That importance will be evident in chapter eleven.

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