I recently posted this on Facebook and thought it would be a good idea to post it here as well. 

Tech Tip: The internet has made access to many useful resources an excellent possibility. The difficulty is saving them and organizing them in a way that is useful. Here is what I do: When I find a good article I save it to Pocket using the Chrome extension. I then tag that article or resource accordingly so I can find it later.

The four tools I use are Inoreader (for following blogs) Twitter, Facebook (for resource mining ) and Pocket (for storing and cataloging).

Inoreader is a great RSS reader. I organize my reader by day of the week. For instance, I have a Monday folder with numerous blogs stored in it. On Monday I scan the list, and if something catches my eye, I send it over to Pocket. I repeat the procedure for the other days. I do it this way, so I do not get bogged down with an overabundance of resources.

All of these tools are available as a desktop or mobile app. 

I hope this helps someone maintain a good catalog of all the excellent resources on the web. Feel free to share your process.

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